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Idaho State University photojournalism class to do 24-hour photo essay about Pocatello area

Posted March 4, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, is going to be a long day for the Idaho State University students in Associate Professor Tom Terry’s photojournalism class.

On that day, more than two-dozen students will fan out across Pocatello, Chubbuck and immediately surrounding areas to capture a 24-hour photographic portrait of those communities.

“A lot of the photos will be just of people going about their daily lives, just like any regular day,” Terry said. “In fact that’s what we intend.

Tom Terry“This is an extraordinary place, and there are some really interesting things going on all the time around us. This is a way to showcase that while giving the students some real world experience.”

The title of the project is “An Ordinary Day” to reflect that theme, Terry said.

Photographers will start just after midnight on March 10 and go until midnight the same day. The course is a photojournalism course so it is all about “catching life in mid-stride,” Terry added. “You’re a witness to what’s going on,” Terry said, “not a participant.

“The intention is to be like a ‘fly on the wall’ and photograph what’s going on with minimal or no intrusion by the photographer,” Terry continued. “Nothing is to be staged and flash should only very, very rarely be used. Otherwise it’s not real.”

Terry emphasized that there will be no digital manipulation of the images after they’re taken. “If it isn’t there in the image, it won’t be added or enhanced,” he explained.

“The one thing a journalist has is credibility, whether using pictures or words. If your audience can’t trust that what you’re presenting or what they’re seeing is truthful and honest you’ve failed as a journalist.”

The project represents the major part of the coursework for the students. Students have been photographing different subjects all semester long, ranging from religion to romance and sports to family. Students present and discuss the work of famous photojournalists every week as well.

Terry mentioned that students will carry credentials identifying them as part of the project.

The best “An Ordinary Day” photos will be displayed in the Mind’s Eye Gallery in the Rendezvous Complex on the ISU campus during May.

For additional information contact Tom Terry at 919-451-1230 (cell) or