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Idaho State University Associate Degree Registered Nurse graduates receive 100 percent pass rate on national exam

Posted January 28, 2010

The Associate Degree Registered Nurse (ADRN) program  at the ISU College of Technology received notification that all 2009 graduates of the ADRN program have achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the  National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX—RN). 

This is the highest possible pass rate in the state and nation. The national NCLEX-RN 2009 pass rate for all types of RN programs including baccalaureate nursing programs, and all candidates, was 73 percent.  Passing the exam is required for licensure as RNs, through the Idaho Board of Nursing.

“A 100 percent pass rate on the national RN examination is an outstanding achievement and it is indicative of the high caliber of students and the faculty in the program,” said ISU College of Technology Dean Marilyn Davis.

More than 80 percent of ADRN students remain employed full time while attending the three-term program and a vast majority of them live and work in sparsely populated rural areas. The flexible distance learning structure of the ADRN program is appealing to students and is making the dream of obtaining a RN a reality for each of these students.  Online real-time learning is augmented by faculty supervised clinical experiences and intensive on-site sessions where students learn and practice everything they can’t do online. Students are required to attend “intensive” on-site classes several times a month but may complete much of their clinical requirements where they live.

All ADRN students have letters of support from their employers and very often, this support includes financial assistance; that is because most ADRN students continue employment with the same employer/facility following graduation and licensure as RNs. Clinical site collaboration between ISU and rural hospitals has been the key to the success of this innovative ADRN program.

The College of Technology’s ADRN program is fully approved by the Idaho State Board of the Nursing and accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.