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ISU Sigma Xi to present scientific panel discussing ‘Can Carbon Capture and Storage Save King Coal’

Posted January 22, 2010

A panel of scientists will discuss “Can Carbon Capture and Storage Save King Coal” at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, upstairs at Portneuf Valley Brewing, 615 S. First Ave., Pocatello.

The Idaho State University chapter of Sigma Xi Science Research Society is sponsoring the event, billed as its first Science Café of 2010.

Carbon storage or sequestration has been a hot topic in scientific, engineering and political circles ever since the threat of human-caused rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and its potential for causing climate change (global warming) has been accepted by most of the world’s nations and industries.

One of the major sources in this country of carbon dioxide emissions is from the use of coal for generating electricity and in other industrial processes. This science cafe will present view from scientist and engineers on the feasibility of removing carbon dioxide from waste streams, and how it might be safely and economically stored.

The panel consists of Glenn Thackray, ISU geosciences professor, moderator; Craig Cooper, Idaho National Laboratory Water and Energy Systems Group, panel member; and Robert Forbis, ISU assistant professor of political science, panel member.