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Bengal Pharmacy, LLC, to expand telepharmacy services to Challis

Posted in People, Research by taylandy on the April 16th, 2015

The Idaho State Board of Education has approved the Idaho State University Foundation’s proposal to expand Bengal Pharmacy, LLC’s, telepharmacy services to Challis. (more…)

New series by Idaho Public TV highlights research by Idaho scientists, includes research by Idaho State University faculty

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the April 16th, 2015

The Portneuf River will be the subject of the first episode of Idaho Public Television’s new series Idaho Science Journal that features the work of the state’s most interesting researchers, including those at Idaho State University, at 7:50 p.m. Thursdays beginning April 23.

Every day, Idaho scientists conduct research to describe, define, investigate and understand the world in which we live and these 10-minute episodes will explore those efforts. (more…)

Idaho State University Gibson Jack Creek RNA study on how plants process water has implications for climate change, water management

Posted in Academics, Featured, People, Research by taylandy on the April 16th, 2015

A solar panel sits near the top of a Douglas Fir tree about 70 feet off the ground somewhere on a steep ridge near Gibson Jack Creek, miles from the nearest trailhead.

“You know those things you enjoy as a child sometimes have applications afterwards,” said John Whiting, an Idaho State University geosciences master’s student, who has accompanied a group of ISU researchers to a study site where he climbed the tree and installed the solar panel about a year ago.

“I usually do the tree climbing, because I am most comfortable with it,” Whiting continued, “I am relatively safe and I usually use a harness, but Sarah doesn’t even like watching me install them.” (more…)

ISU Graduate Student Research Day winners announced

Posted in Academics, Events, People, Research by taylandy on the March 31st, 2015

Idaho State University Graduate School has announced the winners of the 2015 Graduate Student Research Day held in late March.

“We had excellent turnout for this year’s Graduate Student Research Day,” said Tracy Collum, associate dean, for the Graduate School. “We are pleased to announce the winners from a field of strong entries in both categories.” (more…)

Idaho State University Receives new $400,000 NASA grant to study Idaho, Hawaii lava flows to aid Mars research

Posted in Featured, People, Research by taylandy on the March 30th, 2015

This summer there could be NASA space rovers working along side NASA astronauts and Idaho State University researchers who are teaming up on Earth at the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho and at the east side of Hawaii’s Big Island to figure out how to better accomplish scientific research in space.

ISU geosciences researchers Shannon Kobs-Nawotniak and Scott Hughes have received a $400,000 NASA grant to study over the next four years how microbial, or minute life forms such as bacteria or viruses, evolve on lava flows in Idaho and Hawaii. The information they learn on earth could help scientists look for life or evidence of life on other planets such as Mars. (more…)

Five Idaho State University faculty members honored with 2015 Outstanding Researcher Awards

Posted in Academics, Featured, People, Research by taylandy on the March 26th, 2015

Five Idaho State University faculty members have received 2015 Outstanding Researcher Awards and will be honored at a reception on April 8.

One Outstanding Researcher will receive the 2015 ISU Distinguished Researcher Award. The winner will be announced at a later date.

The faculty members who will receive ISU Outstanding Researcher awards are: Jennifer Attebery, professor of English; Shannon Lynch, professor of psychology; Mark McBeth, associate dean in the College of Arts & Letters; Colden Baxter and Jean Pfau, associate professors in the Department of Biological Sciences. (more…)

Idaho State University Fulbright Scholar Blanton researches link between blueberries, probiotics and high blood pressure

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the March 25th, 2015

Most of us have heard about the health benefits of blueberries.

Pop a handful into your mouth and you’re on your way to providing your body with vitamin-rich antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation and do wonders for your immune system.

Perhaps no one can sing the praises of the wildly popular blueberry better than Idaho State University associate dietetics professor and 2014 Fulbright scholar Cynthia Blanton, who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition from the University of California, Davis. (more…)

Idaho State University Physics Professor Philip Cole serves Fulbright in Germany; enjoys a little Stammtisch, along with linearly polarized photons

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the March 10th, 2015

When Idaho State University physics Professor Philip Cole was a 17-year-old high school exchange student in Germany he noticed a big, open table in the front of a traditional German restaurant.

He made mistake of sitting down at it.

“The owner told me to get up because it was a Stammtisch table,” Cole said. “’You have to be invited,’ he said.”

Fast forward about four decades later to last fall, and Cole was finally invited to a Stammtisch table in Germany while he was serving as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Bonn. (more…)

Idaho State University lending forensic anthropology expertise to help solve 36-year-old cold case

Posted in Academics, Events, People, Research by taylandy on the March 1st, 2015

Searching for a human skull from a 36-year-old cold case is an unusual and grisly endeavor for a group of 10 Idaho State University faculty, staff and students, but a valuable one.

If successful, the group can assist with the positive identification of human remains in Civil Defense caves north of Dubois near the Montana border. (more…)

More than 60 students to participate in ISU Graduate Research Days March 14, 16

Posted in Academics, People, Research by taylandy on the March 1st, 2015

More than 60 graduate students from Idaho State University will share their research endeavors at the inaugural ISU Graduate School Research Days events on March 14 and 16 in the Rendezvous Complex A, B and C Suites. (more…)

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