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What is a Fitness Assessment?

A fitness assessment is an individualized health/fitness appraisal of your current health and fitness status through a variety of fitness tests. Each 45-minute assessment includes a review of your current health history and measurements of the following:

  • Resting blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Body composition (% body fat)
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance (aerobic fitness)
  • Upper body strength
  • Back and hamstring flexibility
  • Abdominal strength

At the conclusion of your appointment, you will receive personalized exercise and fitness recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness Assessment Preparation Guidelines

Please follow these important fitness assessment preparation guidelines. Following the guidelines increases the accuracy of your fitness assessment results.

  • BE HYDRATED and bring a bottle of water with you to your appointment. Please drink as much as 64 oz. of fluid, preferably water, the day before your fitness assessment. If you are dehydrated, your body composition testing result is less likely to be accurate.
  • Please determine your resting heart rate (RHR); we need it to complete the fitness assessment. If you do not know your RHR, please do the following before your appointment:
    • As soon as you wake up (preferably without alarm), take your pulse using your radial artery on your wrist (see image to the right) and count it for an entire minute. Do this several different mornings and take an average. We will ask you for your RHR during your fitness assessment.
    • Record your RHR in the space indicated on the Fitness Assessment Client Information form.
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable workout clothes and shoes; you will be doing physical activities.
  • Avoid eating or drinking for three (3) hours before your fitness assessment.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and coffee for at least three (3) hours before your fitness assessment.
  • Avoid exercising on the same day as your fitness assessment. Exercise will elevate your blood pressure and resting heart rate, which will make these measurements during your fitness assessment inaccurate.
  • Try to sleep at least 7 - 8 hours the night before your assessment.

Please download and complete the Fitness Assessment Client Form and Liability waiver before you arrive.

How to Schedule a Fitness Assessment

Please call the Wellness Center at (208) 282-2117 to schedule your appointment. You may also stop by our office in Reed Gym 205A.

Reschedule/Cancellation Policy

Please reschedule your appointment if you are suffering from any acute respiratory infection or related condition. If you cannot keep your appointment for other reasons, please contact the Wellness Center at (208) 282-2117 as soon as possible before your appointment.

No-Show Policy

If you do not show for an appointment for any of the ISU Wellness Center services (i.e., a fitness assessment, personal training, or nutrition/wellness coaching) without calling in advance to cancel two times, you will not be allowed to schedule another appointment for any ISU Wellness Center service for the remainder of the semester.

Late Policy

Because each fitness assessment takes 45 minutes to complete, it is important for you to be on time for your appointment. If you do not arrive on time, the ISU Wellness Center staff member completing your fitness assessment will wait 15 minutes. If you fail to meet the staff member within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, it will be considered a no-show (see no-show policy above).

Refund Policy

All sales are final and requests for refunds will only be accepted based upon medical necessity, or in case of significant emergencies. Documentation of medical condition or other emergencies may be required to request a refund. All refund requests will be reviewed and completed on a case-by-case basis.


Current Students with valid Bengal ID cards: 2 fitness assessments are FREE to ISU students each semester. We suggest that you have approximately 3 months between fitness assessments to allow a measurable change in your testing results.

ISU Community*: $25 per fitness assessment
(Fees payable at the time of service-cash, check, or credit/debit cards accepted - thank you!)

*ISU Community includes faculty, staff, alumni; spouses of students, faculty, and staff; and students who pay reduced-fee tuition (ISU Community members must present valid, current Bengal ID, Spouse ID, or ISU Alumni card at the time of scheduling the appointment).

Non-ISU Community**: $30 per fitness assessment.

**Non-ISU Community includes anyone who is not affiliated with ISU as a student, employee, or alumni.