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Other Event Planning Tips

Below are general tips to help make your event successful and impactful:

  • Fill dead space with music. Whether it is live or pre-recorded, background music goes a long way in making your event feel comfortable and inviting.
  • Focus your decoration resources on one main “wow factor” in the room. It is common and effective to do this at the entry to the event or the main focal point of the event, such as a stage.
  • Events are opportunities to tell ISU’s stories. In the early stages of your planning, identify the story you want to tell and plan your event accordingly.
  • Strive to create emotional, memorable connections for your guests.
  • Be flexible. The unexpected will always happen. Make sure you have backup plans in place.
  • Consider your guests’ comfort in all things. For example, if your event is in colder months, provide a coat rack or coat check. If guests will be standing for your event, make sure to have a few chairs placed around the room for guests who are unable to stand for long periods of time.
  • Bring a comfortable pair of shoes to wear for setup and cleanup.
  • Smile and keep breathing.