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After the Event

Post-event evaluation is critical to continued growth and success. It is important to make note of things that worked well, and things you feel need improvement. This will be invaluable to you in planning future events. A few days after the event, hold a re-cap meeting with others involved and keep detailed notes of the feedback discussed.



A simple thank you can go a long way in maintaining good relationships with university staff, vendors, volunteers, and others. Take time to write personal thank-you notes to key players. Executing a successful event is a team effort, and you want to continue building, encouraging, and strengthening your team.


Measuring ROI

Measuring event ROI is not always an easy task. Specific goals will make this easier. Some events, such as fundraisers, are easy to evaluate. Did you reach your monetary goal or not? Others, however, are more difficult to measure because the goals are more abstract. This is why it’s important to define clear goals early on. Maybe you wanted to bring new people onto campus. Maybe you wanted to create a memorable experience for your guests to cultivate a strong connection to ISU. Maybe you wanted to increase your attendance over last year’s attendance by thirty percent. Did you accomplish these goals? How did accomplishing these goals benefit the university?