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Instructions for Completing a UCC Catalog Change Proposal

This Sample Curriculum Proposal may offer some helpful guidance as you work on your proposal.

Part A: Overview

Part B: Course Changes, Additions, Deletions

Enter all course changes into Part B, using the appropriate tables for new and existing courses, or to delete a course(s) from the catalog.  Be sure to use one table per course.  Copy and paste the blank table(s) into the proposal as many times as needed.  Refer to the Sample Curriculum Proposal for guidance in filling out this section.

Course changes are entered into the Banner system by the catalog editors.  Curriculum changes in Part C are entered separately into the eCatalog computer system, which picks up all course information from Banner.  


Part B.1: Changes to Existing Courses

Part B.2: Adding a New Course

Part B.3: Deleting an Existing Course from the Catalog

Part B: Field Definitions

Part C: Program Changes

All changes to the department's Admissions, Programs, and Plans of Study tabs in the online catalog are to be shown in this section of the proposal.  This is where you show the catalog editors exactly what changes you want made to the catalog text.  Do not simply change the text and expect the editors to figure out what you changed, they won't have time.  They need to see at a glance exactly what changes to make and what to leave untouched.   The Sample Curriculum Proposal shows what to do for this section.

The goal is to make the catalog as accurate and error-free as possible, and to ensure each section is consistent with all other sections.    

Part C: Program Changes (Admissions, Programs, Plans of Study)

Part D: Infrastructure Impacts

Proposal Originators (POs) must inform all campus units affected by the proposed changes and give them an opportunity to review and respond to the changes.  Enter all impact responses, concerns raised, and steps taken to satisfactorily address those concerns in the proposal before submitting the proposal to UCC.  Follow the instructions below when completing Part D of the proposal.  The Sample Curriculum Proposal shows what information is required and how and where to record the various impact responses in your proposal.  

Part D: Infrastructure Impacts

Degree MAPs

Proposed changes to the catalog or courses may require corresponding changes to the relevant Degree MAP(s).  Refer to the Degree MAP Instructions webpage for more information.