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Idaho State University

Proposal Request Tracking

Proposal request forms submitted online are automatically added to this Google spreadsheet, which is then manually updated as the proposals make their way through the creation, review, approval, and implementation process.


2019 Proposals in Process for 2020-21 catalog

All completed proposals received from each college or unit for consideration by UCC are listed below alphabetically by department, with a link to the particular proposal.  

Status Legend:  

  • # = approved by UCC
  • & = approved by GERC
  • ^ = approved by Academic Affairs
  • $ = approved by SBOE
  • + = entered into catalog
  • % = Tabled
  • W = Withdrawn

College of Arts and Letters

College of Business

College of Education

College of Health Professions

College of Nursing

College of Pharmacy

College of Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences

College of Science and Engineering

College of Technology


Student Success Center and OTHER

State Proposals and Letters of Notification (LONs)