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Proposal Request Tracking

Proposal request forms submitted online are automatically added to this Google spreadsheet, which is then manually updated as the proposals make their way through the creation, review, approval, and implementation process.


Proposals in Process

All completed proposals received from each college or unit for consideration by UCC are listed below alphabetically by department, with a link to the particular proposal.  

Status Legend:  

  • # = approved by UCC
  • & = approved by GERC
  • ^ = approved by Academic Affairs
  • $ = approved by SBOE
  • + = entered into catalog
  • % = Tabled
  • W = Withdrawn

State Proposals and Letters of Notifications (LONs)

State Proposals in Process:

2016-09  COB  BBA in Economics (UCC AY2017 Proposal #17, approved by UCC 9/24/2015) - approved by President 9/13/18, sent to SBOE for 30-day Review, ends 10/29/18

2017-04   KDHS   Ph.D. in Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences (Graduate catalog proposal approved by Grad Council 12/6/17) - approved by SBOE 8/16/2018, awaiting word from NWCCU.

2017-05   CAL  Master of Arts in Spanish - awaiting approval by Deans' Council (corresponding catalog proposal approved by Grad Council 9/25/18)


2018-01   COSE  Master of Science in Computer Science - approved by President  (corresponding catalog proposal approved by Grad Council 9/12/18)

2018-02   KDHS  Master of Science in Nutrition with and without Dietetics Internshipapproved by (corresponding catalog proposal approved by Grad Council 9/12/18)

2018-03   CAL  Discontinue B.A. in French for Business and Professions - approved by  (corresponding UCC AY2020 Proposal #3 was approved by UCC 9/13/18)

2018-04  CAL  Discontinue B.A. in German for Business and Professions - approved by  (corresponding UCC AY2020 Proposal #3 was approved by UCC 9/13/18)

2018-05   CAL  Discontinue B.A. in Spanish for Business and Professions - awaiting approval by President (corresponding UCC AY2020 Proposal #3 was approved by UCC 9/13/18)

2018-06   CAL  Discontinue B.A. in Theatre, Film, and Video - approved by  (corresponding UCC AY2020 Proposal 6 approved by UCC 9/6/18)

2018-07   COB  Discontinue B.A. in Economics (UCC AY2020 Proposal #4, approved by UCC 4/26/18) -  approved by President 9/13/18, sent to SBOE for 30-day Review (contingent upon SBOE approval of #2016-09 to create BBA in Economics)

2018-08   PHARM   Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacologyapproved by  (corresponding catalog proposal approved by Grad Council 9/12/18)

Letters of Notification:

2017-LON-11  COE  new 30-credit Endorsement for Family Consumer Science (UCC AY2019 Proposal #67, approved by UCC 11/16/2017) - awaiting approval by State Dept of Ed, and then SBOE approval.  College of Education is following up on this one.


2018-LON-01  KDHS reorganization to change Schools to new Colleges of Nursing, Comm. & Rehab. Sciences, and Health Professions -- approved by SBOE 4/2/2018

2018-LON-02  CAL  degree name change to M.A. in History from M.A. in Historical Resources Mgmt - approved by SBOE 7/9/2018

2018-LON-03  CAL  new Interprofessional Certificate in Medical Anthropology that may be earned at either graduate or undergraduate level -- corresponding UCC catalog Proposal #18 approved 10/4/18 by UCC, awaiting Graduate Council approval

2018-LON-04   CAL  new Certificates in Biomedical Ethics that may be earned at either graduate or undergraduate level - (corresponding UCC Proposal #5 approved by UCC 9/6/18, Grad catalog proposal approved by Grad Council 9/12/18) - Letter of Notification signed by Provost, sent to SBOE 10/2/2018





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