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General Information

New Undergraduate Curriculum Council forms and procedures for 2023-24 catalog are now available.

Refer to this Sample Curriculum Proposal for guidance in completing your proposal.

DUE DATES for 2023-24 Undergrad Catalog Change Proposals

April 1, 2022:  for any UCC Proposal requiring State Board and/or NWCCU approval.  In addition, UCC encourages early submission of proposals not requiring additional approvals.

September 20, 2022:  for all UCC proposals intended for the 2023-24 undergraduate catalog.  Subsequent submissions will be accepted, but while the UCC will make every effort to review all proposals, it cannot guarantee that proposals submitted after September 20 will be reviewed in time for the catalog approval cut-off in mid-November.

Only complete proposals, with all impact responses entered and concerns resolved, will be accepted and processed for UCC's consideration.

Creating a Proposal

A Curriculum Council Proposal is required for all undergraduate curriculum and/or course changes.  
  • Proposal Originators (POs): Request a new proposal using the Online Proposal Request Form (you must be logged in under your BengalWeb user name to access this form). PO must fill out and submit this form. A customized proposal form (Google Doc) will be created manually by the catalog editor, and the Google Doc link will be emailed to the PO with the appropriate catalog sections already entered and ready for the PO to edit. Allow 5-7 business days for your Google Doc proposal form to be created and the link sent. 
  • POs should work closely with their UCC representative when completing the proposal.  Refer to this Sample Proposal and to the website's Instructions for Completing a Proposal for guidance as you work on the various sections of the proposal.  Only complete proposals, including all impact responses, will be accepted for consideration by UCC. UCC members and their respective college constituencies may be found at UCC Member List.
  • Department Chairs/Program Directors and College Deans or their designated Associate Deans must review and approve each proposal before it is submitted.  Signators may use digital signatures or type their names directly into the Google Doc signifying they have reviewed and approved the proposal.
  • Proposals are submitted by the UCC representative in an email with a link to the completed Google Doc to the UCC's administrative assistant (  
  • The Google Doc is the official Proposal document throughout the entire process from creation through final approval and entry into the catalog.  All necessary revisions or amendments will be clearly shown on the document.  

Catalog Change Memos - suspended for now

Catalog Change Memos originate from the Registrar's Office for minor corrections and changes to the catalog.  Due to personnel changes in the Registrar's Office, this process has been suspended effective Fall 2021 until further notice.

The UCC has implemented a Change Memo process that allows the Registrar's Office a way of correcting minor errors found in the catalog or making minor changes without the need for a full UCC proposal.  This process is used only for minor changes that do not affect any other campus units.

  • Working with the affected department chair, the Registrar's Office writes a Catalog Change Memo to the UCC Executive Committee and the Department Chair explaining the need for the proposed changes and showing exactly what changes would be made to the catalog.
  • The UCC Executive Committee discusses the Change Memo at their next meeting and decides whether the proposed changes should be considered for inclusion in the upcoming catalog.
  • If so approved by the Executive Committee, the Change Memo is added to the UCC agenda and is sent to the full UCC membership for their review and consideration.  At that point, the Change Memo is treated in the same manner as a full proposal.