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Tutor Resources

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The forms and information on this page are for the use of tutors in all of UT's programs. If you don't see something that you think would be useful, please let us know! The links on this page are .pdf files requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Tutors, please make sure your tutees CHECK IN and OUT for each of your tutoring sessions.

Peer Tutor Manual

Getting Paid

  • Recording Tutoring Time in Microsoft Teams and Bengal Web (Instructions) for clocking in and out on Microsoft Teams and reporting time on BengalWeb.
  • The Summer 2021 Calendar is located on the Moodle site and shows when the pay period ends and when checks are available.  REMEMBER: Time sheets on BengalWeb are due every other MONDAY before 9AM!
  • Your biweekly paycheck will be directly deposited into your checking account.  If you have more than one job at ISU, your pay for all of them will be combined into a single deposit.

Forms for CAT Tutors

  • Peer Tutor Contract (coming soon)
  • Peer Tutoring Agreement (via DocuSign - to be completed by the Tutor and Tutee)
  • If you're planning to observe another tutor at work, print a copy of the Tutor Observation Form The instructions are on our Peer Tutor Training Moodle site.

Other Resources