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Tutor of the Week!

Sadie is a health science major who aspires to becoming a physician's assistant.  She is a relatively recent addition to University Tutoring, having transferred to ISU in fall 2022, but she has impressed peers and staff alike with her professionalism, dedication to student learning, subtle but amazing sense of humor and tireless work ethic.  We at University Tutoring truly believe that the sky is the limit for Sadie and we feel extremely fortunate to have her as a tutor!

Meet Sadie, Our Tutor of the Week for January 30 - February 12!

About this week's tutor:

What was the most dangerous situation you've been in?

The most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in is when I got hypothermia at Girl Scout
camp. I stayed at the lake for an extra swimming section while it was only 55 degrees
outside (I lived in Alaska at the time)!

What are you most excited about right now?

The thing I am most excited about is going to Moab over spring break.

What talent do you wish you had?

A talent that I wish I have is being able to cook; I survive off peanut butter sandwiches.