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Meet Our Tutor of the Week!

As we conclude another academic year, University Tutoring salutes all of the tutors who are graduating!  We sincerely appreciate all you have done to support your peers and we know that each of you have great adventures in front of you.  Thank you Natalie Cohen, Audrey Hansen, Taylor Killpack, Brianna Lords, Jack Quigley, Caleb Wilson and Paige Wood.  We wish you all the very best in the next phase of your life!

Graduating Tutors -- Thank You!!

Music Tutor Natalie

Natalie Cohen

Bachelor of Music, Music Performanc

Writing Tutor Audrey

Audrey Hansen

Bachelor of Arts, English

Writing Tutor Taylor

Taylor Killpack

Bachelor of Arts, English

Subject Area Tutor Brianna

Brianna Lords

Master of Arts, English

Writing Support Specialist Jack

Jack Quigley

Master of Arts, English

Content Tutor Caleb

Caleb Wilson

Honors Bachelor of Science, Biology

Paige Wood

Bachelor of Science, Biology