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Math Tutor Benjamin


MATH 11O8, 1143, 1153 and 2240

Benjamin graduated ISU in 2022 with a BS in Economics and BS in Mathematics.  His hobbies include running, hiking, reading history books, listening to music, programming, and occasionally video games.  In the future, Bejamin plans to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics, statistics, or economics.
Subject Area Tutor Brianna


BIOL 1101; CHEM 1111; COMM 1101; MATH 1153 AND 1160; Writing (all subject areas)

Brianna is a current Master's candidate studying English at ISU. She earned her Honors Bachelor of Science in biology in 2021. She enjoys crafting, reading, hiking, and playing with her cat.

Content Tutor Catherine


CHEM 1100, 1101 and 1111; MATH 1143 and 1144

Hello everyone, my name is Catherine, and I’m one of the chemistry tutors here at ISU. My goal is to for everyone I tutor to leave with more confidence in their class and a smile on their face. I tutor with silly examples that use the same skills that is the core of the lesson. I constantly find ways to use the skill I had learn in the classroom in ways I never thought I would need, so that the core of my tutoring. So if you like simple, fun, examples (that may or not have cute animals) come meet with me. 

Math Tutor Eli


CHEM 1101; MATH 1143, 1144 and 1170

Eli is a secondary education major with a focus in math and political science. She loves politics, philosophy, turn based strategy games and rainy weather.

Subject Area Tutor Nelson


CHEM 1101 and 1111; MATH 1108, 1123, 1143, 1144, 1160, 1170, 1175 and 2240; PHYS 1111

Nelson is an upcoming junior in Nuclear Engineering. Outside of school, he enjoys running, hiking/camping and anything to do with dogs.