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Rajiv Bhandari

Rajiv Bhandari

Math 1170 and below, Chemistry 1101, Chemistry 1111
Tony Lemos

Tony Lemos

Math 1160, Math 1170, Math 1175, Chemistry 1101, Chemistry 1111, Chemistry 1112, Physics 1111


I am Junior studying physics and mathematics. Eventually I would like go to graduate school and get a doctorates degree in the field of astrophysics. On top of doing physics problems, I enjoy reading, running and playing chess. If you are having any trouble understanding any physics or math problems, I can certainly help out. TRiO has given me tons of opportunities for me to be successful and I am happy help other students to be successful too!

Zach Free

Zach Free

Math 1170 and below, Spanish 1101, Spanish 1102, Spanish 2200, Spanish 2202, Physics 1100, Physics 1101, Physics 1111, English 1101
Alberto Castaneda

Alberto Castaneda

Biology 1101, Biology 3301, English 1101P, English 1101, English 1102, Proofreading, Spanish 1101

Mike Haney

Math 1153
Liz Onufer

Elizabeth Onufer

English 1101P, English 1101, English 1102, Proofreading

Liz Onufer is a PhD student in English and the Teaching of English. She has been an English teacher and tutor since 2005. Liz loves working as a tutor because she gets to know the students really well and can individualize her approach to meet their specific needs. Liz also loves the outdoors and spends all of her free time in the mountains and on the river.

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