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Travel Tips

Content Outline:

Before Your Trip Tips

  1. Travel pre-approvals must be approved before departure, at least 30 days before international travel, and before a reimbursement can be submitted.

    1. You can review the Pre-Approval Quick Start guide for instructions about creating your pre-approval report in the Travel System found on the Travel Services webpage.
    2. Travel Advances may be requested before you trip by including an advance amount on your pre-approval report before it is submitted.
  2. Use the comment section in the travel pre-approval or reimbursement to explain or clarify anything out of the ordinary or unusual.

    1. For example, if you choose one mode of travel over the cheapest mode, you must document the reason(s) for doing so.
  3. When making lodging reservations ask for the government discount.
  4. When renting a vehicle ISU does not reimburse insurance, roadside assistance or charges for GPS.

After Your Trip Tips

  1. Travel reimbursement requests must be substantiated by the following documentation:

    1. Original itemized receipts that provide the following information are required to substantiate travel expense reimbursements:

      1. Date of purchase
      2. Name and location of vendor
      3. What was purchased
      4. Clear business purpose and supporting documentation

    2. Provide a copy of itinerary/agenda for conference, workshop, meeting, or seminars.

    3. You can review the Reimbursement Quick Start guide for instructions about creating your expense report in the Travel System found on the Travel Services webpage.
  2. View the Travel Checklist
  3. Review the ISU Travel Policy and the FAQ documents. This simple step can help insure your Pre-Approval Report (PA) or Expense Report (ER) make it through the process quickly.
  4. Travel reimbursements are taxable if submitted greater than 60 days after the date of the expense.
  5. Rental car expense always needs to be justified.

    1. Renting a car is often cheaper than driving a personal vehicle.
  6. When planning your over-night(s) travel, consider that ISU only reimburses expenses for one day before and one day after a conference/workshop/travel purpose. This does not mean that you can forego the night after for two nights before or vice versa. Also, please recognize that ISU'S policy states, "travelers should always attempt to return home the day the conference or workshop ends if they can arrive home at a reasonable hour."

Policy FAQ

  1. Travel Policy FAQ
  2. University Business Travel ISUPP 2000

Travel System FAQ

  1. Click here to view Frequently Asked Travel System questions:
  2. You may also find the Help section of the Travel System to be useful. This is found under your profile by clicking on your name in the Travel System.

Per Diem Tips

  1. Out of State Per diem rates - Federal per diem rate calculator, with map and options to look back at prior year rates.
  2. When do partial day meals apply?

      1. Eligible for Breakfast if actual departure time is 7 am or before, or return time is 8 am or after.

      1. Eligible for Lunch if the actual departure time is 11 am or before, or if the return time is 2 pm or after.

      1. Eligible for Dinner if the actual departure time is 5 pm or before, or if the return time is 7 pm or after.
  3. When entering Per Diem expenses on your report the best option is to use the Per Diem Wizard expense icon because it allows multiple days to be entered at one time.
  4. Reimbursement of same day meals is taxable to the traveler, and uses a different account code, which is based on the selection entered after the index is entered.

Transportation Tips

    1. ISU's Travel Policy states to use the "most economical and effective" means of transportation both from the standpoint of time, cost and reasonableness.
    2. In many instances, this will be a rental or ISU motorpool car. Paying the mileage rate ($0.535/mile) for a personal car is usually the most expensive mode of ground transportation.
    3. With ISU'S Enterprise Rent-A-Car contract, ISU employees can rent intermediate vehicles for travel on state business at about $35/day or $180/week (plus gas). This amount includes all necessary insurance and damage coverage, and has unlimited miles.

      1. Enterprise Car Reservation Link

    4. ISU also has contracts with Hertz and National Car Rental Companies, and a $5 discount (each way) with Salt Lake Express.
Rental Company Contract # Pin
Enterprise 47ID005 IDS
National XZ47IDS  
Hertz $65573  
  1. When renting a vehicle ISU does not reimburse insurance, roadside assistance or charges for GPS.
  2. Review the Enterprise Car Rental FAQ
  3. As of 2/14/18 an ISU Motor pool sedan costs $15/day, plus mileage rate (gas card included). Call 208-282-4460 for mileage rate. See the motorpool page.
  4. The mileage rate for a personal car is: $0.535 per mile.

Travel Card Tips

  1. To activate your Travel Card, call the number found on the sticker of the card. You will be asked to provide an Activation/Verification ID (these will be given to you by the Travel Office).
  2. See PIN information for information on how to register your new travel card for the first time or to retrieve your forgotten pin.
  3. If your travel card is lost or stolen please contact Bank of America at 1-888-449-2273 and the Travel Office at 208-282-2511.
  4. All travel card charges must be reconciled in the Travel System on your travel reimbursement report.
  5. If you had a charge on your travel card but it has been a week and it still has not appeared in the Travel System, please contact the Travel Office.
  6. To cancel your Travel Card, reconcile all charges in the Travel System, notify the Travel Office that you are canceling the card and then shred the card.
  7. To see what is allowed and not allowed as purchases on the travel card see the Travel Card Quick Reference

Travel with Personal Travel Tips

When traveling on personal business in conjunction with University Business the following are things to recognize:

  1. ISU will reimburse expenses based on what would have been the most practical and economical method of travel based on the portion of travel that is ISU business related.
  2. Additional costs due to travel for personal business is not reimbursed by the University.
  3. If an expense cannot be split between what is personal and what is ISU business expense the expense must be paid for by personal funds and reimbursed after the trip.

International Tips

  1. A travel pre-approval report must be create and approved as soon as international travel is contemplated, and it must be at least 30 days before the trip departure date.
  2. A review of foreign travel is required to ensure your destination and/or the people you are visiting have no related federal restrictions.
  3. All faculty, staff and students traveling outside the U.S. on University business (even when combined with personal travel) must provide essential information to the Export Control Office as soon as foreign traveler is contemplated. This is true regardless of who is sponsoring/funding the travel. Your information must be provided online, using the Foreign Travel Form hosted by ISU's Export Control toolkit, Visual Compliance.

    1. To access the form go to
  4. If you need to convert expense amounts from a foreign currency to the US dollar go to: Currency Converter.
  5. For Federal per diem rate calculator see Country Per diem rates, which has a map and options to look back at prior year rates.

Student Travel Procedures

  1. View Student Travel Procedures


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