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History of Theatre at Idaho State University

Previously included in the Department of Communication, Theatre and Dance programs are now combined in classrooms and offices located in the Stephens Performing Arts Center. Both programs will work out of the center and will use other facilities on campus, such as Frazier Hall and the Red Hill building.

Theatre has a long and rich history at ISU, with productions dating back to the beginning of the university.

Since the completion of Frazier Hall on September 1, 1924, Theatre ISU and the theatre program had called that facility home.

Frazier Hall houses a large proscenium theatre, which seat approximately 800. Frazier Hall's proscenium theatre will continue to be the venue for some of Theatre/Dance ISU productions.

The history of Dance at ISU began with the tenure of Dr. Marcia Lloyd, who retired in December 2001. She devoted 25 years of service and dedication to education and dance.

Arriving at ISU through the doors of Reed Gymnasium, Dance was included in the Physical Education program in the College of Education and was developed into an education minor program in 1988.

ISU Dance in Concert, formally known as I~Move, is also a part of the department and debuted Fall 2005 to a sold-out crowd in the Rogers Black Box Theatre.