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ISU Theatre and Dance Faculty

Tara Young

Chair | Professor of Theatre

Office: SPAC 238B

(208) 282-5616

  • B.A. 1996, Southern Illinois University
  • M.F.A. 2002, Southern Illinois University

Tara Young Bio

Vanessa Ballam

Professor of Theatre

Office: SPAC 240J


  • B.F.A. 2002, Utah State University
  • B.A. 2003, Utah State University
  • M.F.A. 2006, Indiana University

Vanessa Ballam Bio

Ananda Keator

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: SPAC 240G

(208) 282-2783

M.F.A. 2018, University of Texas

Ananda Keator Bio

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Paul Yeates

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Office: SPAC 240A


  • B.F.A.  Utah State University
  • B.A.    Utah State University
  • M.F.A. University of Connecticut

Paul Yeates Bio

Dr. Marcia Lloyd

Professor Emeritus of Dance

(208) 282-3173

  • B.S. University of Central Missouri
  • M.A. University of Wyoming
  • Ed.D. University of Utah

Dr. Marcia Lloyd Bio

Dr. Norm Schroder

Dr. Norm Schroder

Professor Emeritus of Theatre

(208) 282-3173

  • B.A. 1978, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
  • M.A. 1988, Bowling Green State University
  • Ph.D. 1994, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Norm Schroder Bio