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Certification Programs

The College of Education offers degrees and certification programs designed to meet the Idaho standards and requirements for initial certification of professional school personnel approved by the Idaho State Board of Education and the Idaho State Department of Education. Idaho also permits eligible candidates to become certificated teachers without following a standard teacher education program through Alternative Certification. Candidates for the Standard Instructional Certificate can also add endorsements to their certificate before or after graduation.

Persons completing an initial certification program (a.k.a. Program Completers) are eligible for a recommendation from the College of Education for a standard instructional certificate.

For administrator certificates, pupil personnel services certificates (such as school psychologist or school guidance counselor), and the Standard Instructional Certificate with the Hearing Impaired (K-12) endorsement, see the College of Education section of the Graduate School Catalog or pertinent sections of the undergraduate or graduate catalogs for programs offered by the Division of Health Sciences. Candidates interested in becoming certified teachers of children who are deaf/hard of hearing in Idaho will need to earn a bachelor’s degree and have met the requirements for a Standard Instructional Certificate.



Teaching Certification - student presentation

Application for certification is separate from application for graduation. The most current certification forms are available to download from the Idaho State Department of Education

For more information, please contact the advising office at (208) 282-2783.

Candidates who desire to pursue professional certification in a state other than Idaho are advised to consult with the certification department from the state in which they are seeking certification.

The College of Education maintains a record of all individuals recommended for certification. The Dean and the faculty of the College of Education reserve the right to refuse to recommend a program completer for a standard teaching certificate, if such recommendation would appear to be contrary to or in violation of Sections 33-1202 and/or 33-1208, Idaho Code.


Contact Information:

Jamie Webster
Advising Coordinator, Undergraduate Advising Center
Phone: (208) 282-2783