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Idaho State University

Master of Arts in Teaching


Are you interested in a teaching career! Do you have a degree in a secondary education content area, but are not certified to teach? With the online Master of Arts in Teaching, you can earn a teaching certificate and a masters degree at the same time.


Master of Arts in Teaching, MAT

  • Graduation Requirements
  • Admission Requirements, including placement on an Alternate  to Certification required for admission 
  • MAT Coursework (33 credits)
    • Education Core (9 credits)
    • Emphasis Coursework (21 credits)
    • Clinical and Capstone Experiences, Practicum and Project (6 credits)


Career Opportunities

Public School Educator
Charter School Educator

Community Educator
Youth Educational Consultant

Private School Educator
Alternative School Educator
Non-Profit Educator
Juvenile Systems Educator