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Idaho State University

Become a Teacher


Make a difference! Become a teacher. We prepare effective professional educators in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls and online. Discover opportunity + your passion = teaching!

Candidates will create a professional portfolio aligned to state and national standards using our current e-portfolio system. The ISU Educator Preparation Overview outlines the admission process, student teaching, and the e-portfolio requirements.

Undergraduate Degrees – Standard Teaching Certificates

Graduate Degrees to K-12 and Secondary Certificates

Alternative Routes to Certification

The COE allows Alternative Routes to Certification through approved application packets and individualized Alternative Route plans in partnership with Idaho school districts.

  • Content Specialists
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • SPED Partnership Program

(See the Idaho State Department of Education website and the COE Kent Center for information.)

Additional Endorsements

Add subject area endorsements by completing additional coursework in a content area(s) prior to graduation or you can add endorsements to your existing Standard Instructional Certificate after graduation and initial certification.
(See the Idaho State Department of Education website)