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Idaho State University

Office of Clinical Experience


Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Clinical Experience is to support student teaching interns before and during their student teaching experience by providing the necessary information and guidance.

Student Teaching Coordinator

Dr. Amy Slack, Coordinator of the Office of Clinical Experience, will assist you in planning your student teaching internship experience. We are located in the Kent Center for Student Success in the College of Education building.

Amy Slack

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the culmination of your teacher education preparation. To be eligible for student teaching, you must be admitted into the teacher education program and meet all requirements of the program. 

Apply to Student Teaching

Apply for student teaching one year prior to the semester you plan to student teach. (Example: Apply on October 20th in Fall 2019 to student teach in Fall 2020)

Step 1: One year prior to student teaching

  • Complete the request for Student Teaching Placement Form
  • Submit your Letter of Introduction
  • Pay $50.00 student teaching application fee
  • Complete the Fingerprint and Criminal Background Check
  • Submit a copy of your Plan of Study from Degreeworks that shows all the coursework is completed

Step 2: one semester prior to student teaching

  • Submit evidence of passing scores on the Praxis II Exams
  • Submit evidence of passing scores on ICLA Exams

These items are due by October 20th for spring student teaching placements and April 20th for fall student teaching placements.