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Idaho State University

Get Certified

Educator Certification

Additional Endorsements

You may apply to be recommended for additional areas of endorsement through Idaho State University if you have completed all coursework requirements for the endorsement and meet the following:

  1. Coursework aligned to new endorsement
  2. Praxis II exam
  3. EDUC 4487 Teacher to New Endorsement Practicum

Certification Outside of Idaho

If you are planning on teaching outside of Idaho, you must process your initial Idaho certification packet.

Postponing your Teaching Career

If you are not planning on entering the teaching profession right now, you still need to process your application after graduation*.
For candidates intending to delay the start of their teaching career or pursue non-teaching employment:

  1. Complete
  2. Keep your certification current and review the requirements for the renewal of an Idaho Certificate.

*NOTE: In order to officially graduate from ISU as an Education major, you must complete ALL requirements for licensure (ISU policy). These requirements include passing all Praxis II tests. If you are unable to meet all licensure requirements at the time of your anticipated graduation from ISU, your only options are to delay graduation until you have met the requirements or change to a non-education major and meet the new major’s requirements.