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Business and Support Services

Business and Support Services Staff and Instructors

The Business and Support Services department provides a number of important resources and services to the Idaho State University College of Technology (COT). Services include credit and noncredit classes, workshops, tutoring, conferences, mentoring, counseling and outreach facilities. In order to deliver these services to COT students the Business and Support Services Department is composed of several programs listed and described below. 

For more information call 208-282-3597


Technical General Education (TGE)

Technical General Education coursework complements the College of Technology technical training by providing general educational courses such as math, written and oral communication, building employment skills, ethics in technology and understanding human relations issues pertinent to the workplace.

For more information call 208-282-3597.

Adult Education (AE)

Adult Education offers free comprehensive assessment and instruction in basic skills including reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL). The program provides literacy instruction, preparation for the GED® Tests, and skills brush-up for college entrance (COMPASS test prep) or employment. In addition to classes and guided independent study, Internet and other computer study options are available. Outreach centers operate throughout southeastern Idaho.

For more information call 208-282-2468.

Resource Center

The Resource Center uses peer tutors (group or one-on-one tutoring), computer software, two full-time instructional aides, and two computer labs to offer assistance.

For more information call 208-282-2468.

Center For New Directions

The Center For New Directions assists individuals in transition to become personally and economically self-sufficient, to access educational and training programs, and obtain satisfying and well-paid employment.

For more information, telephone the Center at 208-282-2454.

Successful Transitions and Retention Track (START)

Successful Transitions and Retention Track (START) at Idaho State University provides social and academic support as students manage barriers while they pursue sustainable career and life goals.

For more information call 208-282-4359