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Letter From the Dean

Scott Rasmussen Dean, giving an award to student at graduation

It’s my privilege to introduce you to Idaho State University’s College of Technology. ISU’s College of Technology changed my life. When I was a young man wanting to leave my mark on the world, a good friend and I left our hometown of Preston, Idaho to prepare for medical school at a prestigious university. We were going to become doctors. Unfortunately, we soon realized that we would not be able to afford the expensive out-of-state tuition, and we were told to enroll in a nearby technical school to take some classes until we became state residents. The electronics program caught our attention, and my friend and I quickly discovered how much we enjoyed it. Shortly after we started the program, one of the main instructors came to us and asked us what we were doing in their program when we were from Idaho where ISU’s College of Technology has the best electronics program in the country. After a phone call to the electronics program in Pocatello, I made one of the best decisions of my life and moved back to Idaho to attend ISU’s College of Technology. I owe much of the success I have experienced in life to that single decision. Tens of thousands of people have come to realize over the years the world-class education that is available right here in our backyard. During this exciting time when phenomenal companies are considering making Pocatello their home, ISU’s College of Technology is prepared to meet the growing needs of our community because of our students, our instructors, and our connections to the working world.

While every student who comes to the College of Technology has a success story worth sharing, one of the most memorable students in my mind is Edith Bales. Edith was a stay-at-home mother whose husband could not hold a steady job. After hearing about the programs available in the College of Technology, Edith took some college information home to convince her husband he should go to school. Her husband was not interested, but she was. Edith enrolled as a student in the College of Technology. She worked hard and enjoyed the hands-on coursework. Her self-confidence grew. After successfully graduating from her program, Edith was hired by a Department of Defense contractor and quadrupled her household income. She currently enjoys a meaningful career and is an example of what is possible with a two-year degree from ISU’s College of Technology.

Darin Jernigan is a current instructor in the Physical Therapist Assistant program, and he is a perfect example of the high quality instructors who are attracted to the College of Technology. Darin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with years of experience in the field. He practiced physical therapy, managed rehabilitation teams, and directed physical therapy offices in ten states prior to becoming an instructor at the College of Technology. Darin could have gone to almost any university as a physical therapy professor, and he chose to teach in ISU’s College of Technology. Every instructor in the College of Technology is an expert in his or her field and is committed pass their real-world skills onto their students.

I recently had an experience that demonstrates the close relationship that the College of Technology has with the working world. I was a guest a well-respected engineering company and was shown to an executive conference room full of some of the firm’s most exceptional employees. They were capable, enthusiastic, and integral to the company’s reputation for consistent quality. Some of them held positions of great authority and others were newly hired, but all were my former students at the College of Technology. It was totally unexpected, and I was moved almost to tears. It was one of my proudest moments. The engineering company executives wanted me to see how important the College of Technology is to their success. Our students benefit from the close relationship the College enjoys with hundreds of industry partners because companies like the one just described routinely provide state-of-the-art equipment, training, and donations to each program in the College of Technology.

ISU’s College of Technology is in the perfect position to meet the growing needs of the future’s skilled workforce. Some of the best educational programs in the world are right here in our backyard. There is a program in the College of Technology for everybody of all ages. There is a program here just for you, your spouse, your daughter, your son, your grandson, your niece, and your neighbor. Come and visit the College of Technology for yourself and see if we cannot exceed your expectations. Call (208) 282-2800 or email to setup a tour of any program, and you will see what I saw when I first became a student in the College of Technology – the world’s best hands-on education and one of the best decisions anybody could make.


Once again, welcome to the College of Technology.


Go Bengals!

Scott Rasmussen