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A place for quality, success, instruction, growth, and making a difference.



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Provide students with technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a highly effective workplace.


Aircraft Maintenance student working on an airplane


The College of Technology is home to some of the best technical programs in the world. Accreditors, industry specialists, and other experts in the field tell us all the time that our hands-on programs are of the highest quality.

College Credentials


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Student Success

The College of Technology is driven to help students be successful in life. Your success is why we look forward to each school day. The five-year job placement and continuing education average for the 35 programs in the College is an incredible 95 percent.

Students Employed or Continuing Education

Photo of Diesel/On-Site Power Generation Technology Faculty

Best Instructors

Only the most experienced professionals can become instructors in the College of Technology. They are passionate about what they do, and their enthusiasm makes learning exciting, challenging, and fun.

Meet the Instructors

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Realize Your Potential

Whether you are the valedictorian of your high school or someone who has always struggled with school, the College of Technology will help you realize your full potential. No previous experience is required for any program, and you will be prepared to face any challenge in your field when you graduate.

Student Stories

Respiratory Therapy students working in lab

Make a Difference

Each program in the College of Technology leads to a career where you can make a positive difference in the world. You can plan on a meaningful career where you will improve the lives of others regardless of the program you choose.

Meaningful Careers

Cosmetology students working with a client

Hard Work

The programs in the College of Technology are challenging. We believe it’s a privilege to work hard with our hands and even harder with our heads. Be prepared to take great pride in the work you will do as a College of Technology student.

College of Technology Guarantee


Don’t take our word for anything you see here. Come and take a tour to experience the College of Technology for yourself. If the program quality and full College of Technology experience don’t completely exceed your expectations, we will help you find the right program.

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Scott Rasmussen, Dean College of Technology

College of Technology Dean

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College of Technology Development Office

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