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About Us

Supporting Your Academic Progress


Academic Success and Advancement Programs include services and programs that are essential to your academic and intellectual development at Idaho State University. We encourage you to realize your potential as a prepared, responsible, and self-actualized member of an increasingly complex, diverse, and global society.

The Student Success Center is home to a range of programs designed to support your education at Idaho State University.

Give yourself every chance to succeed!


  • First Year Transition (ACAD 1104)
    • This course will help you develop the strong skills necessary to take charge of your own education and be successful in college.
  • University Inquiry (ACAD 1111)
    • This course will introduce the academic culture of ISU through research and university academic resources. Learn how to identify an information need, then evaluate and use it effectively/ethically.
  • College Learning Strategies for Math (ACAD 1103)
    • Think you are the only one who struggles with math? Think again! CLS for Math will give you the tools you need to tackle the math.
  • To register for an ACAD class, select Academic Skills Courses. This is the first selection in the SUBJECT box in BengalWeb.enrolled in academic classes.  The University Honors Program offers an enriched learning experience in an academic learning community.

Sign up for Tutoring

  • All University Tutoring services are paid for by student fees. In essence, you have already paid for use it!
  • Writing Center:  Appointments are available for all writing assignments, including essays, personal statements, lab reports, etc. You are able to have up to one hour per day, two hours per week.
  • ESOL:  If English is not your first language, tutors are available to help with writing, grammar, understanding assignment prompts, and more.
  • Math Center: Tutoring for all math classes or classes heavy in math. There is no maximum on tutoring hours in the Math Center. Go as many times as you need. Stay as long as you need.
  • Content Area Tutoring (CAT):  For all subjects other than math and writing assignments. CAT tutoring may be individual or small group tutoring. To sign up, stop by Rendezvous 323. After we have your request, we will pair you with a tutor. You and the tutor work to find a time and meeting place that works well for both of you.

It’s important to get involved on campus. There are many opportunities for you from clubs to student employment.

Do you need a job?
Work on campus. You get a work schedule that is convenient for you and your classes. You also have the opportunity to network with campus staff and faculty, and learn more about the university.