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General Reservations Requirements

Reservations booked through Scheduling and Event Services must adhere to all applicable State and federal laws, as well as University and Scheduling and Event Services policies and procedures. By reserving space through Scheduling and Event Services, the sponsor agrees to these terms and accepts full responsibility for the meeting or event. The event sponsor also agrees to allow Scheduling and Event Services to post their event information on the website and digital displays owned and operated by Student Unions and Involvement.

Co-Sponsorship and Facility Use

Scheduling and Event Services does not allow sponsorship of a non-University event when the non-University group seeks to reduce applicable costs for facilities or services.

  • Should a University group choose to co-sponsor an event with a non-University group, a representative from the University group must act as the primary contact for the event (making the reservation, providing the details, etc.) In addition, in order to receive the University rate, the invoice must be paid through a University Department account. Outside invoices for University sponsored events will not be allowed. The sponsoring group will also be financially responsible for any damages which may occur.

Cancellations and No Shows

  • Campus organizations or departments failing to use reserved space twice a semester (without canceling at least four hours in advance) may lose the use of meeting space in the Student Union for up to one semester, or may lose their ability to schedule serial reservations for a semester.

Room Return

  • Rooms must be left in the original condition in which they were received. This means that there is to be no trash, debris, or items left on the table or floors. All trash is to be placed in bins. Furniture which has been rearranged must be replaced its original location.
  • Cleaning fees will be charged if rooms are not returned in the original condition. This is a flat cleaning fee of $25 for conference/meeting rooms and $100 for the Ballroom, Wood, and Little Wood River rooms.

Signs, Banners, Decorations Used In Reserved Rooms

  • Signs, banners, and decorations are allowed in your reserved room and its entrance only.
  • Signs, banners, and decorations placed in hallways, entrances to the building, on floors or ceilings are not permitted without permission from Scheduling and Event Services.
  • Easels may be used to display informational signs at the entrance of a meeting room or the ballroom and Wood/Little Wood River rooms only. Easels are not to be used at building entrances or in hallways.
  • A frame signs must be approved before being placed inside the building.
  • If approved, signs, banners, and decorations must be attached to wood, metal, glass, or painted surfaces with art putty or removable mounting squares only.
  • Banners and ceiling mounted signs are to be hung and removed by the Student Union facility staff.
  • Use of tape is prohibited in the Pond Student Union and Rendezvous with the exception of approved glass poster hanging locations.
  • All exits must be free of barricades and exit signs must remain clearly visible.
  • All paper and cloth must be away from light fixtures and heat sources.
  • Decorations may not be hung or attached to ceiling sprinkler heads. Decorations may not be attached to curtains, window coverings, light fixtures, or air vents. Nails, tacks, staples, or other sharp objects are not to be driven into walls, floors, doors, ceilings, or tables.
  • All decorations must be painted prior to being brought into the buildings. All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the contracted time. Additional cleaning costs will be charged if materials are not removed.
  • Glitter, confetti, sequins, hay, and other fine-type decorative materials are not allowed. Additional cleaning costs will be charged if these are used.
  • No open flames or unapproved candles. Candles must first be approved by the Scheduling and Event Program Coordinator. Incense, fog machines, pyrotechnics, smudging, and fire are not allowed in the buildings.