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Peace Corps Prep is a program created through the partnership between Idaho State University and the United States Peace Corps. By integrating coursework and field experience, you will gain sector-specific skills (education, health, environment, youth in development, community economic development), language proficiency, intercultural competence, and develop your leadership skills. Once you complete the different components of the program, you receive a certificate from the Peace Corps and a competitive edge when you apply to the Peace Corps or similar work with other organizations!

The program is housed in the Department of Global Studies and Languages, but is open to students from all majors. We encourage you to apply during your freshman or sophomore year.

To apply:

  1. Attend a Peace Corps Prep information session or set up an appointment with our coordinator to learn more about the program
  2. Meet one-on-one with Peace Corps Prep Coordinator or advisors to determine opportunities for fieldwork, intercultural experiences, and to confirm coursework selected to fulfill the program requirements
  3. Submit a completed application
  4. If approved, attend a Peace Corps Prep Orientation for further guidance and to meet other Peace Corps Prep students on campus.

Contact our Peace Corps Prep Coordinator, Amber Greening at (208) 282-1328 or

Go to the Global Studies and Languages website for more information.