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Idaho State University

Who We Are

The Student Opportunity Development office has three coordinators who you could consider your "experiential advisors". We work to find information on opportunities for you to gain experience outside of the classroom. This could be through paid or unpaid internships, job shadowing, study abroad or other exchanges, or through volunteer and service work. Come meet with us and we can provide you with information on what experiences may work for you and how to get started creating your Signature Bengal Experience! 


What We Do

The Student Opportunity Development office prepares and connects students with experiential opportunties, or what we call "Signature Experiences". We do this by:

  • Collaborating and coordinating with faculty, staff, and the community to provide
    and promote professional development activities for students
  • Creating new and expanding existing strategic partnerships with local, regional,
    and global stakeholders
  • Advising students on study abroad, internship, volunteer, and seasonal work
  • Fostering multiple avenues for academic, personal, and professional engagement

Why Have A Signature Experience?

A Signature Experience or an experiential opportunity can provide you with career exploration, professional skill building, impressive credentials, and networking opportunities.

In fact, research shows that when hiring managers are looking at resumes of recent college graduates, they view experiences over academic credentials as the most important attributes of a potential employee (Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012). 


How To Get Involved

Many opportunities exist for you to gain hands-on, out of the classroom experience at Idaho State University. All you have to do is:

  1. Check out the notable Signature Experiences we have listed on our page.
  2. Stay up-to-date with the different opportunities that are available by signing up for our monthly events newsletter.
  3. Come by the Student Opportunity Development office in Rendezvous 333 and speak with one of our coordinators about what opportunities may exist for you.