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Idaho State University

Professional Development

In order to receive professional development funds you must be a full time ISU employee who has completed six months of service and has not been a recipient of these funds within the last three years. Funds may not be used for ISU class tuition.

Spring Deadline: 1st Monday in May for use July 1, 2019 - February 28, 2020.

Fall Deadline: 1st Monday in October for use January 1-June 30.

Professional Development Applications

Professional Development employee scholarships

Professional Development scholarship details

Past Recipients

Fall 2019:

  • Moses Collier, Facilities Services
  • Caitlin Quiroz, Disability Services
  • Daphne Tseng, Instructional Tech Resource Center

Spring 2019:

  • Karen Ludwig, Center for New Directions
  • Cody Sparrow, Athletics-General Counsel

Fall 2018:

  • Matthew Ashton, Counseling and Testing
  • Virginia Barnett, College of Arts and Letters
  • Melissa Bernier, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
  • Abbey Hirt, School of Nursing
  • Jennifer Miesch, Counseling and Testing
  • Soni Myers, Disability Services/UCTS
  • Thomas Putnam, College of Technology
  • Kristin Yates, Counseling and Testing

Spring 2018:

  • A. Khalil Azizi, International Programs Office
  • Jamie Howerton, Counseling and Testing
  • Robin Nelson, Counseling and Testing

Fall 2017:

  • Chelsie Rauh, Early College Program
  • Marianne Cowgill, Idaho Accelerator Center

Spring 2017:

  • Michelle Munoz, Student Services
  • Tracy Collum, Graduate School
  • Emily Baergen, Biological Sciences
  • Nitin Srivastava, International Programs Office

Fall 2016:

  • Cameron Staley, Counseling and Testing
  • Jamie Howerton, Counseling and Testing
  • Marianne Cowgill, Idaho Accelerator Center
  • Mark Stuckey, Facilities Services

Spring 2016:

  • Tracy Collum, Graduate School
  • Kristen Yates, Counseling and Testing Center
  • Jennifer Miesch, Counseling and Testing Center
  • Janna Graham, Student Success Center

Fall 2015:

  • Jody Finnegan, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
  • Jamie Howerton, Counseling and Testing Center
  • Jennifer Parrott, Environmental and Safety Manager

Fall 2013:

  • Jacqueline Baergen, Central Academic Advising
  • Erin O'Leary-Jepsen, Molecular Research Core Facility
  • Janet Bala, Idaho Museum of Natural History
  • Amber Tews, Idaho Museum of Natural History

Spring 2013:

  • Jody Finnegan, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Elaine Foster, College of Education
  • Sarah Hook, Facilities Services

Fall 2012:

  • Julie Thomspon, Counseling & Testing
  • Austin Carter, Purchasing Services

Summer 2012:

  • Sandra Shea, Office of Research
  • Jodi Stuart, College of Technology
  • Carey Jennings, Financial Aid Office
  • Dawn Christiansen, Central Academic Advising