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Ron Bolinger

Ronald Bolinger, EdD

Educational Administration

Office: College of Education 381


Dr. Ron Bolinger received his Ed.D. in School Administration in 1988 from Montana State University with his primary research looking at how a teacher’s sense of efficacy relates to the effects on student achievement. He has served as a teacher, building principal, curriculum director, Director of Special Education, Assistant Superintendent and for the last 22 years of a 46-year career as a Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Bolinger has served the Idaho Association of School Administrator as a member and numerous leadership positions including President. He represented Idaho as the Superintendent of the Year recipient by IASA in 2005 and was honored with the Professional Achievement Award by the College of Education of Idaho State University. An enthusiastic supporter of ISU, of Dr. Bolinger and his wife Patty, were honored with the President’s Medallion during the Homecoming of 2018. In 2019, he was awarded the Bengal Partner Award as part of the Celebrating Excellence Awards for the College of Education for distinguished service to the college. Dr. Bolinger is serving an “emergency hire” for the third-year teaching courses in educational leadership.  He is also on the Board of Directors of the Idaho State-Civic Symphony and is currently serving as Symphony President.  He enjoys family, tennis, golf, biking, and travel.