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Idaho State University

Educational Leadership M.Ed.

Gaining a Master of Education in Educational Leadership prepares one to assume an initial leadership role in a post-secondary setting. Prepare to be an effective post-secondary leader with the Master of Education in Educational Leadership. Lead faculty, staff, and students to accomplish academic and student success goals. Create positive interactions among students, faculty, staff, and other educational constituents. Consider a career as Educational Leader with an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership – it may be just right for you!

 Educational Leadership, M.Ed.

Preparing professional educators for leadership in post-secondary settings.

Career Opportunities:

  • Department Chair
  • Student Services Coordinator
  • Education Policy Consultant
  • Entry to Doctorate in Higher Education Administration

ISU Catalog, M.Ed. Ed Leadership

Program and Admission Requirements

 The Master of Education in Educational Leadership is designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to engage in more effective leadership practice.

Admissions requirements and procedures are detailed on:

The ISU Graduate School website

The Graduate School graduate catalog


  • Meet the ISU Graduate School & SPEL program admission requirements
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree in education or a related field from a regionally accredited institution
  • Have a minimum of 3.0 GPA in upper division undergraduate coursework
  • Have at least one year of professional experience
  • Submit a letter of interest, stating why the applicant is interested in the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership
  • Submit a current resume, including names of and contact information for at least 2 professional references


  • 9 credits in “core” professional studies courses
  • 18 credits in Educational Leadership emphasis courses
  • 3 credits of internship
  • 1 credit of case study


Core Professional Studies Courses (9 credits)

EDUC 6601 Research and Writing 3 credits

EDUC 6610 Applied Educational Statistics 3 credits

OLP 6621 Theories of Adult Learning 3 credits

General Leadership Studies (18 credits)

EDLA 6608 Organizational Leadership and Education Administration 3 credits

EDLA 6612 Education Law, Governance, and Ethics 3 credits

EDLA 6649 Issues in Education Administration 3 credits

EDLA 7721 Education Policy and Governance 3 credits

EDLA 7723 Education Planning and Evaluation 3 credits

EDLA 7702 Supervision and Empowerment 3 credits

Internship (3 credits)

EDLA 6657 Internship 3 credits

*Students complete 260 hours of Internship; hours determined in cooperation with the university internship coordinator, the Intern, and the cooperating administrator at the sponsoring agency.

*Minimum of 3 credits

*3 credits of initial enrollment required during the first semester of enrollment thereafter, at least 1 credit per semester of continuous enrollment until completed.

*Students must complete EDLA 6608 and EDLA 6612 as a prerequisite for admission to ELDA 6657 (Internship)

Case Study (1 credit)

EDLA 6651 Case Analysis in Education 1 credit

The candidate must complete all coursework prior to enrolling in the Case Study or must be registered in the last required courses during the semester of the Case Study. The candidate must have completed a significant number of internship hours and turned in the required reports to the Internship Coordinator prior to getting permission from the Internship Coordinator to enroll in the Case Study. 

For additional information, contact the Department of School Psychology and Educational Leadership at:  or call 208-282-2976.