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Social Work Program Goals

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The goals of the social work program are to prepare students:


  • For beginning generalist social work practice with individuals, families, small groups, organizations and communities (i.e.micro, mezzo and macro systems).
  • To develop an identity which will incorporate the values, principles and ethics of the social work profession.
  • As beginning social work generalists who link social research and social work practice.
  • For lifelong learning and critical thinking through an educational process combining a liberal arts foundation and professional foundation.
  • To work with diverse, vulnerable, oppressed and disadvantaged populations as well as advance human rights and social and economic justice.


Sociology, Social Work and Criminology

921 S. 8th Avenue, Stop 8114
Pocatello, ID 83209

(208) 282-2170
(208) 282-3377 (social work)

We are located in the Kegel Liberal Arts Building #4 on the third floor