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Course Sequence for Online Pre-Professional Program in SLP

Fall Semester

CSD 3310 Speech Science: The Acoustical Nature of Sound… 3 credits
CSD 3321  Clinical Phonetics and Phonology 3 credits
CSD 3321L  Clinical Phonology and Phonetics Lab 1 credit
CSD 3330  Language Science 3 credits
CSD 3341   Audiometry and Hearing Science 3 credits
CSD 4405  Neuroscience for Communication Disorders 3 credits 
    16 credits


Spring Semester

CSD 3315 Clinical Processes: Pediatric 2 credits
CSD 3325  Speech Sound Development & Disorders 3 credits
CSD 3335 Language Development & Disorders 3 credits
CSD 3350 A & P of Speech and Swallow Mechanisms 3 credits
CSD 3350L A & P of Speech and Swallow Mechanisms Lab 1 credit
CSD 4417**  Interdisciplinary Evaluation Team 1 credit
CSD 4445 Aural Rehabilitation 3 credits
    16 credits


Summer Semester

CSD 4420  Clinical Processes: Adult 2 credits
CSD 4460  Educational Audiology 3 credits
CSD 4425*   SLP Methods and Applications 2 credits   
    5-7 credits



*Optional course - not required but highly recommended.

**If CSD 4417 is not taken during the Pre-Professional sequence, CSD 5517 (IET) is required at the graduate level.


  • Prior to or during the Pre-Professional year, to be admitted to our graduate program, students must show evidence of having taken the following:
    • Biological sciences course: At least a 100-level university course with a content area related to human or animal sciences: includes biology, human anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, human genetics, and veterinary science. Must be from a Biology department. CSD Anatomy and Physiology is not acceptable.
    • Physical sciences course: At least a 100-level university course in Physics (recommended) or Chemistry.
    • Statistics: At least a 100-level university course - topics should include descriptive statistics, probability, inferential, correlation, regression, measures of central tendency, t-tests, and Analysis of Variance; the course may be under Math, Statistics, Psychology, or Business as long as it meets the above criteria.  If your statistics course is older than 10 years, it is highly recommended you retake it.
    • Social/Behavioral Sciences course: At least a 100-level university course in Psychology (recommended), Sociology or Anthropology

A background in Sign Language is strongly encouraged.  ISU does not currently offer Sign Language online; students are encouraged to seek courses within their communities.  (There is not a specific course required, but basic sign language skills are beneficial to you as a communication professional.)

Successful completion of the Pre-Professional Program does NOT ensure the student a seat in the Speech-Language Pathology Program.  Students must apply to the Graduate Program by January 15th of the year he/she would like to enter the SLP Master’s Program.


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