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Idaho State University


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LaVona Andrew

Office: Meridian Health Science Center Room 810C

(208) 501-8783 VP

M.A. in Education–Curriculum & Instruction, emphasis in Second Language Acquisition, 2004, Boise State University
B.S. in Teaching Social Science, 2001, Brigham Young University
A.A. in Liberal Arts, 1995, Cottey College


Professional Areas of Interest: Impact of credential requirements on qualifications and availability of interpreters, heritage signers as interpreters, interpreter impact on Deaf people's quality of life, system-level improvements in interpreting service delivery   

Personal Interests/Hobbies: Interpreting, gardening, adventuring

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Jill Radford, Ed.S

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: Pocatello SPA Building 68, Room 308B

(208) 904-3552 VP

Ed.S in Change Leadership in Education, 2011, Gallaudet University
M.Ed. in Deaf Education, 2001, Utah State University
B.A. in Elementary Education and Communicative Disorders, 2000, Utah State University
Professional Areas of Interest: American Sign Language Studies, ASL/English Bilingual-Bicultural Education, ASL/English Bilingual-Bicultural Interpreting, advocacy for deaf/hard of hearing individuals, research-based practices for second language learning

Personal Interests/Hobbies: My 5 children and my 2 furry critters, reading, watching movies, board games, card games, yard work, and traveling

Morgan Schniedewind

Elizabeth F. (Morgan) Schniedewind, M.A.

Clinical Associate Professor

Office: Meridian Health Science Center Room 819A

(208) 373-1765

M.A. in Deaf Education, 1992, Gallaudet University 
B.A. in English/Secondary Education, 1990, Gallaudet University

Professional Areas of Interest: Second language acquisition, instructional design, best practices in free-lance interpreting, ethical considerations for interpreters

Personal Interests/Hobbies: Desperately trying to keep up with my family, reading, traveling, Deaf community events

Steven Stubbs

Steven G Stubbs, CDI

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: Meridian Health Science Center Room 810A

(208) 514-0111 VP

B.A. in Computer Science with an emphasis in Mathematics, 1997, University of Maryland - College Park


Professional Areas of Interest: American Sign Language, interpreting on international level, interpreting in legal setting, interpreting at conference, performance art interpreting, ethical consideration for interpreters, mentoring, translating

Personal Interests/Hobbies: My family, reading, traveling, leadership service, building projects, technologies