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Associate of Science in Sign Language Studies

The Associate of Science Degree (A.S.) in Sign Language Studies (SLS) is a two year degree which is primarily designed for students who wish to continue their education beyond the associate degree level in the Sign Language Educational Interpreting Program, or for students who wish to obtain an interim degree before entering another major, such as Deaf Education. The Sign Language Studies Degree focuses on American Sign Language skills through academic courses and labs designed to provide a small group setting to facilitate instructor feedback and guidance. The Associate of Science is only offered on our Pocatello campus.

The objective of the A.S. in Sign Language Studies degree is to graduate students who have a thorough awareness of the culture of the deaf and the sociolinguistic aspects of hearing loss. Graduates of this program will have the ability to communicate conversationally with deaf and hard of hearing signers. They will have the ability to make ethically and culturally correct choices in signing environments. An individual with an Associate Degree in Sign Language Studies will be of great benefit to any organization where conversational communication with deaf and hard of hearing individuals might occur. While the graduate will not be trained to interpret in any environment, they will have the knowledge and awareness to secure qualified interpreting services should the situation necessitate such.

Students interested in the A.S. in Sign Language Studies should contact Jill Radford at for additional information.

SLI and SLS 2018-2019 Policy and Procedures Handbook.pdf

The following courses are required in addition to the University's General Education Requirements:

CSD 1126 Deaf Studies

CSD 1151/1151L ASL I & the Lab (*partially satisfies OBJ 4 - see catalog for requirements)

CSD 1152/1152L ASL II & the Lab (*partially satisfies OBJ 4 - see catalog for requirements)

CSD 2205 Introduction to Professions in Communication Sciences

CSD 2249 Fingerspelling and Numbers

CSD 2250 Introduction to the Interpreting Profession

CSD 2251/2251L ASL III & the Lab

CSD 2252/2252L ASL IV & the Lab

CSD 2256 Deaf Culture and Community (OBJ 9)

CSD 2258 Language Acquisition in ASL


Course Sequence

SLS Program Year One (typically freshman yr.)

1st Semester
OBJ 1 ENGL 1101 English Composition 3
OBJ 4 Humanites, Fine Arts (choose one) 3
OBJ 5 Natural Sci (choose one w/lab) 4
OBJ 6 Social and Behavioral Ways (choose one) 3
CSD 1151/1151L ASL I & Lab (BSU or CWI) (OBJ 4) 4
  17 cr


2nd Semester
OBJ 1 ENGL 1102 Critical Reading and Writing 3
OBJ 2 COMM 1101 Principles of Speech 3
OBJ 3 Mathematical Ways 3
OBJ 5 Scientific Ways (choose one-lab not req.) 3
CSD 1152/1152L ASL II & Lab (BSU or CWI) 4
  16 cr


SLS Program Year Two (typically sophomore yr.)

1st Semester
OBJ 6 Social and Behavioral Ways (choose one)     3
OBJ 7 or 8 Crit Thinking or Info Lit 3
CSD 1126 Deaf Studies 2
CSD 2205 Intro to Profes. in Comm. Sci. 3
CSD 2251 ASL III & Lab; BSU or CWI 4
  15 cr
2nd Semester
CSD 2249 Fingerspelling & Numbers 3
CSD 2250 Intro to Interpreting 3
CSD 2252/2252L ASL IV & Lab (BSU or CWI) 4
CSD 2256 Deaf Culture & Comm (OBJ 9)  3
CSD 2258 Language Acquisition in ASL 3
  16 cr


Contact Sign Languages Studies and Interpreting

Program Information and Admissions,

LaVona Andrew, Program Director, Sign Language Interpreting/Sign Language Studies,

(208) 373-1908 Admin.

(208) 373-1811

Meridian Health Science Center

1311 E. Central Drive

Meridian, ID 83642