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All members of the University community have a shared responsibility in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and protecting each other.

Class types

Blended, reduced in-class time, code BL - These classes feature reduced in-person seat time and have a combination of face-to-face classroom combined with online days that do not require a student to be in a certain place at a certain time. For example, a three-credit course meets only Monday and Wednesday in a classroom (for an hour each class period) and then equivalent material is delivered online in place of a Friday class (33% of the class is online).

Classroom, code CL - Standard Lecture in the classroom.

Dedicated Video Conference Classroom - These classes are delivered on the Video Conference Network at a dedicated classroom at an ISU campus location. Individual remote connections are also possible, by contacting class instructors.

Fully Online, no set meeting time, code AO - Fully Online course. Coursework delivery is via web, email, and/or message boards in online forums such as Moodle, Google groups, etc. The course is most often delivered using Moodle. These types of courses are NOT time or place dependent.

Fully Online, with set meeting time, code SO - Fully Online course via Zoom with set meeting times. These are online courses where students and faculty are together at the same time (mountain standard MST) and will be using the Zoom platform for instruction and class discussions.

Lab or studio, code LB - Attend lab or studio in-person. Lab or Studio. Class requires specialized equipment in the classroom.

Standard Classroom and Zoom (HyFlex), code FX - Face-to-Face and/or Online course option. HyFlex is a course design model that presents the components of face-to-face classroom learning in a flexible course structure that gives students the option of attending sessions in the classroom, participating via Zoom, or doing both.
Students can change their mode of attendance weekly or by topic, according to need or preference and in consultation with their faculty member.

Mostly Online - Moodle, code OL - The majority of the course is online but may require up to five in-person meetings, for example, taking tests or for crucial lectures.

Other, code OT - This designation is for dissertation, thesis, practicum, and clinical rotations.

What you need to know now:

  • Fall courses will be held on campus, with most courses offered in a hybrid in-class/online format. Fully online courses will also be available for students who cannot or choose not to return to campus in August.
  • An alternative academic calendar will be in place for Fall 2020. Students will not return to campus after Thanksgiving.
  • All students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors are required to properly wear cloth or disposable face coverings while on our campuses including public spaces such as common areas, hallways, classrooms, research labs, etc. Face coverings must also be used outdoors when in the presence of other individuals. While you are working alone in a private space, vehicle, or outdoors where physical distancing is possible, you may remove your face covering. All students will receive a face covering, and distribution information will be emailed prior to the first day of classes.
  • Physical distancing of six feet is expected for the campus community.
  • Classroom and campus living spaces will be modified to allow for safe physical distancing.
  • The University is planning to hold a winter commencement ceremony. Updates and changes to the ceremony, including the possibility of moving the date up, will be communicated no later than Monday, August 10.
  • Even the most carefully developed plans for fall semester have to be flexible. We do not know everything about the COVID-19 virus, and we all must be ready to adapt and make changes as the situation evolves. This could include an interruption that requires a period of distance-based instruction with little advance notice.
  • Chromebooks can be checked out for student use on the second floor of the Rendezvous building.