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General Information

All members of the University community have a shared responsibility in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and protecting each other. All individuals should assess their own level of risk and make decisions that best support their personal health.

Idaho State's COVID-19 Hotline: (208) 282-2705.


Reporting Cases and Contact Tracing
Information about reporting symptoms and contact tracing

  1. COVID-19 vaccinations are the best preventative measure to avoid unnecessary or severe illness.
  2. Individuals exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 should contact University Health at (208) 282-2330 or their health care provider and complete the self-report form.
  3. If you have quesitons about your COVID-19 exposure, call Idaho State's COVID hotline at (208) 282-2705.
  4. Cooperation with contact tracing and following the advice of the COVID-19 health team is required per ISU policy, including quarantining for the recommended duration.


COVID-Related Absences
Information about absences due to COVID-19

  1. Testing is no longer recommended for individuals who may be exposed but have no symptoms.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff are asked NOT to come to campus when ill. If symptoms of COVID-19 are present, individuals should be tested and quarantine until results are back.
  3. Students should notify faculty of illness and their expected duration of absenteeism. University employees should report illness to their supervisor, and supervisors should advise employees to report any COVID-like symptoms to the self-report form.
  4. Symptomatic or infected individuals should isolate for five days and wear a well-fitting mask around others. Infected individuals may end isolation after five days if their symptoms have improved and they do not have a fever for 24 hours.


 Information about vaccinations and where you can get them.


COVID-19 Screening Program
All students, faculty, staff must be screened when returning to campus in January 2021.


Medical and Disability-Related Accommodations
Who is included in this population?


Face Coverings
Idaho State is a mask friendly university. All individuals are encouraged to make personal decisions about wearing a face covering.


University Health Center
Online scheduling is available for telemedicine appointments. Please call (208) 282-2330 to schedule in-clinic appointments or if you have questions. 



Student Resources


Request Help or Ask a Question
Send a question to the Dean of Students 


Student Success Center
Need help staying on track academically? 



Faculty & Staff Resources


Bengal Depot COVID Supplies and Signs Form
Order Covid supplies for you workspace


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
If you are feeling overwhelmed, the Employee Assistance Program can provide free counseling sessions


Determine what kind of travel is allowed based on operational levels


Leave of Absence
This guidance is established to assist employees that may be unable to work  as a result of COVID-19