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Operational Levels

Idaho State University is prepared to make immediate operational adjustments, as needed, to respond to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation. In August 2021, the Operational Levels were updated to more efficiently guide campus operations and services.

The four operational levels:

  • Orange - low risk
  • White - increased risk
  • Gray - moderate risk
  • Black - high risk

Operational Levels Fall 2021

Levels are reviewed weekly using public health data and metrics provided by the University Health Committee. The metrics take into account both the regional and on-campus  situation related to COVID-19. Idaho State’s Administrative Council reviews the information weekly to determine the operational level for each campus location. If a change in operational levels is determined, an update will be posted online and sent to the campus community.
Metrics for Determining Operational Levels


Today’s Operational Level by Campus

 Pocatello: Level White

 Meridian: Level White

Idaho Falls: Level White

Last Reviewed: October 15, 2021

Twin Falls Operational Level 

Alaska Operational Level


NOTE: Idaho State's Operational Levels do not mirror the color stages and/or levels of the State of Idaho and/or the district health departments. Although the University is in regular communication with local, state, and federal public health departments, Idaho State's Operational Levels take additional metrics into consideration that are unique to our campuses