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What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19?

I have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms and didn’t get tested. When can I return to usual activities including on campus activities?

What should I do if I believe I was exposed to COVID-19?

What if I had close contact with person A who had close contact with person B who has COVID-19?

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

When should an individual seek emergency medical attention?

What does it mean to be asymptomatic?

What does it mean to be presymptomatic?

What is a primary contact?

What is a secondary contact?

What is considered close contact with a person with COVID-19?

What should I do if a member of my household was exposed to someone who has COVID-19?

What does it mean to self-isolate?

What does it mean to quarantine?

What tests are available for COVID-19?

How can I get testing done for COVID-19?

If my COVID test comes back positive and after symptoms are over do I need a second test?

I was ill with COVID-19 symptoms and my symptoms have resolved and my COVID-19 test is not back yet.. May I come back to campus?

I was ill with COVID-19 symptoms and had no test done and had no close contact with someone with COVID-19. May I return to normal campus activities?

What should I do if I had symptoms of COVID-19, no known exposure to anyone with COVID-19 and my COVID-19 viral test is negative?

What defines a definite or confirmed COVID-19 case?

What does it mean if someone is a probable COVID-19 case?

How are you notified of a positive COVID-19 test?

Can we require reporting of illness and positive cases?

Why should I self-report my illness to the University?

Why should I participate in contact tracing if I have COVID-19?

How will I be notified of possible exposure to COVID-19 on campus?

If disease activity increases on or around any campus, how will the University make decisions to change operation?

Is it true that masks and facial coverings are not helpful?

Is it true that wearing a mask is harmful to my personal health and well-being?

How will the University maintain confidentiality in the notification process?

What should I do if I travel to an area that has a lot of documented cases COVID-19?

What if a friend or family member wants to visit and they are traveling from an area with high COVID-19 activity?

What if a contractor or vendor working on campus is visibly ill or not wearing a mask?

Can I wear a face shield instead of a face covering?

Is ISU providing face shields to campus visitors who cannot wear face coverings?

How can we encourage non-adherent employees/students to take appropriate precautions related to COVID-19?

Will the University report the number of COVID-19 cases?

Will the University require faculty, staff, or students temperatures be taken before entering University facilities?