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What should I do if one of my students reports symptoms of COVID-19, is visibly ill or reports a positive test result that was done in the past 10 days?

When can a student return to activities on campus?

What should I do if one of my students reports an exposure?

What if I had close contact with person A who had close contact with person B who has COVID-19?

How should I modify my attendance policies during COVID-19?

What if an ill or exposed student refuses to follow guidance?

What if a student refuses to wear a facial covering during class?

What if a student is unable to wear a facial covering for medical reasons or presents a note from a medical provider?

Will faculty be notified if a student in their classroom has tested positive for COVID-19? Will other students be notified?

What are the various course types offered this semester?

What is the best way to communicate with students before classes begin to let them know how HyFlex classes work and who should attend on which days?

Do courses have to be recorded?

In current distance learning courses with in-seat and Web-RTC sections, will students who want to attend at home via Web-RTC have to transfer to the Web-RTC section via registration or can they simply be given access to Web-RTC?

Are students able to sign up for HyFlex courses and never intend to come to an in-person class?

If we get sick or need to cancel class, is someone going to put a sign on the door of our new classroom?

Will students have to pay the eISU fee for hyflex, in-person, or online courses.

Will classrooms be set up with 6-feet distancing?

How do I know the capacity of the room where I will be teaching?

Will classrooms be sanitized in between classes?

How will hallway congregation be avoided in between classes?

Will faculty receive microphones to use for lectures in these extra-large classrooms? Will we be sharing the microphone with other faculty using the space?