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Math LeaDs are teachers that will work closely with the math specialists at the Regional Math Center at ISU and other Math LeaDs across eastern Idaho to develop leadership capacity within the math teaching community.

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LeaDs Introduction


What is expected?
There are three components: Training, Projects, and Learning Community. LeaDs Training: Participants will receive online and live training in math content and pedagogy, as well as effective professional development practices.

LeaDs Projects:
There are 3 main projects that each Math LeaD will complete. Design and implement a professional development plan for your school, district, or area. Present at our Regional Math Conference in June. Math Investigation: Investigate and study the math behind one standard. Create a short presentation to help other teachers better understand this standard. Design the success criteria for the standard.

LeaDs Learning Community:
Math LeaDs will collaborate each month to develop a professional learning community. They will also attend a 1 day reflection seminar in June with all Math LeaDs.

How much time can I expect to contribute?
This is a robust teacher leadership development opportunity. It is anticipated that you will contribute approximately 5+ hours per week.

Is there compensation?
Yes. Each Math LeaD can receive up to $4000.

Will there be credit available?
Yes. You will have the opportunity to purchase 3-6 PD credits at $55/credit from ISU.

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