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Lesson Study

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Lesson Study is a professional development model that immerses teachers in a cycle of instructional improvement focused on planning, observing, and revising "research lessons." Over the course of a year, teachers in grade level teams write, study, teach, revise, and re-teach lessons, focusing their energies on improving mathematics instruction. While the lesson is taught by one of the teachers, others observe and collect data about student responses – a practice that leads to lesson revision. This long-term process allows a team of teachers to think carefully about orchestrating the complexities of instruction and to study the impact on student understanding.
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2020-2021 School Year Dates:

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Application Process

  • Each teacher must complete an application including required information and agree to conditions set forth in the guidelines.
  • A limited amount of applications will be accepted, so please do not apply if you are not committed to being a part of a Lesson Study team in the upcoming school year.
  • Applications will be accepted each year for the following school year. Applications open beginning May 27th and will close on July 7th.
  • Each teacher will apply independently and will be paired with grade level teachers from nearby schools, or paired with your school grade level team if 3 or more team members from your grade level team apply.
  • 2 Optional PD Credits are available.

Expectations of the Lesson Study Teams

  • All teachers will participate in the Lesson Study Orientation Meeting in the assigned location in August.
  • Teachers will participate fully in researching, planning, revising, teaching and/or observing, and analyzing a research lesson during all three cycles in the school year.
  • Participate in the Lesson Study Reflection Seminar to be held in June.
  • Complete a survey after each cycle of lesson study and a final reflection at the end of the year.

What other teachers say about Lesson Study?

“This was a professional development that was well worth my time. It was not stressful being away from the class knowing that I could take what we do in this lesson study and apply it to my classroom. I love the opportunity to observe students and get inside their heads. It was also a great opportunity to collaborate with teachers in the same grade level who are facing the same questions and problems I face daily. Also this group of teachers are committed to growing professionally and that was a breath of fresh air.”  -Grade 4 teacher

 “This was just wonderful. I grew professionally by planning with others, watching how the lesson went by studying what the students did, and then revising the lesson to make instruction more effective. I can't wait for the next cycle!” –Grade 8 teacher

“I learned a lot about the thinking that students were doing.  It was interesting watching other students and how they either attacked the lesson or how they hung back waiting for someone to help them.  I also appreciated looking carefully at the task and asking what students will struggle with and how the task will advance the mathematics I am teaching.”  -Grade 2 teacher

“Definitely the most meaningful PD I’ve had, and I want more of it!” –Grade 5 teacher