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Idaho State University

Using Controlled Substances in Research

Controlled substances used in research are regulated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). 

Research Outreach & Compliance (ROC) Division complies with DEA recommendations and requirements by publishing the following directions, with in-house forms, providing links to DEA direction and their forms. 

ROC has oversight of projects and people registered under Title 21 CFR 1300 – 1321.  

What does DEA require to Register for use of Controlled Substances? 

  1. Read the Controlled Substances Act – 21 CFR 1300 to end
  2. Complete DEA Form 225 – Manufacturer, Distributor, Researcher, Canine Handler, Analytical Laboratory, Importer, Exporter
  3. Register with Idaho State Board of Pharmacy

What does ISU require, once you are Registered?

  1. Provide Research Outreach & Compliance with copies (pdf file via email to within 10 business days of license receipt:
    • DEA License
    • Idaho State Board of Pharmacy license
    • Protocol submitted to DEA with application
  2. Follow ISU Purchasing rules when buying controlled substances for research
    • Contact Wendy Holder, Buyer, with questions, (208) 282-3111
  3. Dispose of controlled substances and their by-products through ISU Environmental Health & Safety Office
    • Contact EH&S with disposal questions, (208) 282-2310
  4. Use ISU-specific forms for controlled substance management
  5. Participate in ROC bi-annual inspection (records & security)
  6. Follow other applicable ISU rules related to research and protocols

Which Policy Applies?

Use of Controlled Substances in Research ISUPP 7120



Controlled Substance Procedure and Policy questions

Deb Easterly
Assistant VP Research
Research Outreach & Compliance

Controlled Substance Disposal

Jennifer Parrott
Environmental Program Manager
Please use the Hazardous Waste Disposal Request form  
(208) 282-3498 or 282-2310

Research Outreach & Compliance  (ROC)
Contact Our Office:
Deb Easterly
Assistant Vice President for
Research Outreach & Compliance
Ph: (208) 282-2618
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