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Idaho State University

Agency & COGR Guidance

Research Checklist

  1. Identify emergency personnel and ensure they know what to do in the event of suspended operations. Have a continuity of operations plan*
  2. Remind lab personnel of your communication plan or create one if not in place
  3. Identify priorities in case of restricted access
  4. Ensure remote access to files, data, servers, etc.
  5. Prioritize experiments
  6. Plan for remote proposal submission
  7. Check travel restrictions before making travel plans.
  8. Follow social distancing of 10 feet. You may need to re-arrange your lab layout and lab work schedule to accommodate this.
  9. Practice extra cleaning procedures. Clean all touch-points regularly.
  10. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. If you are not able to secure the PPE you need, reconsider performing research in the lab.

*Some information to include in a laboratory continuity of operations plan:

  • Names of those working in the lab and contact information
  • Critical functions of the operation of the lab
  • Essential operations/research, etc.
    • What is to be maintained/sustained no matter what.
    • Location and what is needed to sustain (electricity, water, regular feeding, etc.)

We are all aware of the shortage of Personal Protective Gear (masks, gloves). Remember, even in a time of crisis, you must use proper PPE in your lab.

Visit this helpful website providing additional information with links to other university research COVID-19 webpages:

Research Outreach & Compliance  (ROC)
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