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Foreign Nationals

Non-U.S. Persons & ISU Employment

There are special requirements and pre-approvals related to Export Control

these should be addressed early in the planning process when hosting foreign persons/nationals for visits to ISU, whether as speakers, consultants, or graduate assistants/faculty.  

What is required?

Preplanning - The hosting faculty member or sponsoring department must provide a complete set of information for review by the Export Control Officer prior to committing to such a hire, and prior to in-person interviews.

An Online Form - Available through ISU’s Visual Compliance site.

               Select "Non U.S.-person coming for a visit:"

Provide the listed information; one form for each person:

Form Field Name

Information Needed           ^ = required

^ New Case Name

Use your Visitor’s name and subject of the visit


Allow this to default, do not try to change

^ Event Dates

Pick from calendars to provide start
and end dates of visit

^ Visitor’s Name

As it appears on their VISA or Passport

^ Company to be visited

ISU host office or department

^ Position in Company/Agency

The title or position the visitor holds with their institution

^ Current Address

Street, City, Country, routing codes

^ VISA Information

Number and country of issue, with effective date

^ Nature of visit



> employment – list position, PSR, job posting id
> speaker/presenter - name conference/event
> research collaboration - project name, nature of

^ U.S. Citizen?

Yes        No     
(pick one; if No, then list country of citizenship)

^ Place of Birth

Both City and Country
(these may differ from citizenship)

^ Passport: Issued by Country

Pick from list

^ Passport number

Must provide

^List title, reference number, & brief description of any data, documentation, or computer equipment or media to be taken out of the U.S.  | complete the field

^ Providing export-controlled technical information

Click if true

^ Providing export-controlled hardware

Click if true

^ Providing technical assistance to Foreign Persons on this visit

Click if true

User Transaction notes:

Use this space for clarifying notes on the visit, the person, etc.

User Transaction log

If Export Control Officer has questions, this is where you can post your answers


Ex: agendas, conference program, grant proposal

^ Certification

You must click this box to submit the form for review

If you need to leave Visual Compliance prior to completing the form, use the Save button

What Happens?

A notice is emailed to the Export Control Office whenever this form is submitted. 

The form is reviewed and evaluated for approval.  The submitter is notified as soon as the form has been approved, or with any questions.

Also Needed

Faculty and staff arranging for a visit or possible employment by a non-United States citizen, should contact the International Programs Office for related requirements.






Visual Compliance  Deemed Exports and Hand-Carried Login Screen 

Research Outreach & Compliance  (ROC)

Contact Our Office:

Deb Easterly
Assistant Vice President for Research Outreach & Compliance
Phone: (208) 282-2618
Serving as ISU's
Research Integrity Officer
Export Control Officer   
Physical Address:
Business and Technology Center
1651 Alvin Ricken Drive, Room 107
Pocatello, ID 83201

Mailing Address:
921 S. 8th Ave., Stop 8046
Pocatello, ID 83209-8046


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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