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Animal Use Protocol Forms

are required to finish the IACUC approval process.

All PIs using animals in research, the field, or teaching labs must fill out the following form(s).

There are special section forms to complete for fieldwork and teaching labs.  

Anyone working with animals must complete the related training and forms

Please contact the Animal Facility Manager at or (208) 282-3895 for access to the Animal Care Facility. 


  1. Download the files, complete on your computer and print to sign (no "e-sign at present), or
  2. Print the forms and complete by hand and sign, then
  3. Scan and submit as pdf files to

If you have difficulties with these files please contact

the IACUC Committee Coordinator at (208) 282-2179 or

It is recommended that all PIs discuss their protocol with the Attending Veterinarian before submitting it to the IACUC.  Arrange this by email to, subject "Vet Protocol Review request".


Cover Sheet (required)

 these forms have been revised, removing Appendix B from use

Main Form 

Appendix A

A.1 IACUC Personnel Statement

A.1a Occupational Health and Safety Form


A.3 IACUC-Code of Ethics

Appendix B – ISU Field Study/Field Protocol

Appendix C – ISU Teaching Protocol (for use with Teaching Labs)

Appendix D – Animal Husbandry (Housing)

Appendix E – Breeding Protocol

Appendix F – Request for Amendment to Approved Protocol

Upon completion, submit this set of forms by email to

Other Resources:

Annual Review Form  downloads a form for a progress report due prior to the annual protocol anniversary date

Animal Care & Use Handbook (pdf )

Animal Use Occupational Health & Safety Plan


Research Outreach & Compliance  (ROC)

Contact Our Office:

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