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Animal Use Protocol Forms

are required to complete the IACUC
approval process.

  1. Protocols - All PIs using animals must fill out forms and submit them to the IACUC for review and approval – prior to starting a project using animals.
  2. Training - Anyone working with animals must complete the related training and forms through online CITI Training courses.  CITI Training instructions appear separately.
  3. Euthanasia - Anyone working with animals should be familiar with the AVMA Guidelines: AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition.

PROTOCOLS Process and Forms

A new online protocol submission system: Cayuse IACUC has been implemented and is online. Please contact Tom Bailey (x2179) for login information. A Power Point: Cayuse IACUC Protocol Instructions for starting a new study in this system. There are also recordings of the two training sessions from 4/12/22 and 4/15/22 available for reference: 4/12/22 Cayuse IACUC Training4/15/22 Cayuse IACUC Training

New Protocol Submissions on the current Word forms will be accepted until 7/1/22. After that deadline, only new submissions in Cayuse IACUC will be accepted. Current protocols with an expiration date going past the deadline will still be eligible to use the current forms for amendments and annual reviews.

March 2018 - All protocol forms have been revised.  They are in MS Word, compatible back to Word 2010.
Contact IT Help at x4357 to find out which Word version you have and receive the update to Word 2010, 2013 or 2016.


New protocols:

1. Download the required and supplement files (see below) for your protocol. Complete them on your computer, making sure your protocol is signed before submitting.

2. Scan and submit as pdf files to

If you have difficulties with these files please contact the
IACUC Committee Coordinator at (208) 282-2179 or

All PIs are encouraged to discuss their protocol with the Attending Veterinarian before submitting it to the IACUC.  Arrange a meeting with the Attending Veterinarian by email to, subject "Vet Protocol Review request".

Required Forms for New Protocols:

Animal Use Protocol or Cayuse IACUC: Complete these forms if you have a new protocol.

  1. Requires both PI and CO-PI contact information, and the PI’s signature
  2. Identifies the related forms needed for protocol submission

Occupational Health and Safety Acknowledgement for Work with Animals  (All faculty and students working on a protocol must complete this form one time. If you have completed this form on another protocol, there is no need to complete it again.)

IACUC Occupational Health Personnel Statement  (All project participants, including faculty and students must complete this form for each protocol submitted)


See completion instructions and find subforms at the Animal Research Occupational Health & Safety Plan (AOHSP) page 

Code of Ethics for the Use of Vertebrates in Research  (The PI must sign this form one time only. It will carry over to other protocols.)


Risk Assessment Form : PI's will need to complete this form and submit it with their protocol.

Protocol Forms 

Additional Forms. PI should complete all that apply:

Protocol Type form for Animal Husbandry (Housing)  If you are housing animals in the approved animal facility sites, please complete this form to help animal care staff meet your needs. 

Protocol Type for Breeding Study  If your protocol includes breeding animals, please complete this form. 

Protocol Type for Field Study  If your protocol is a field study, please complete this form.

Protocol Type for Teaching Study (for use with Teaching Labs) pdf If your protocol is for teaching purposed of uses animals in teaching labs, please complete this form.

Annual Reviews and Amendments:

Annual Review Form. This form should be completed annually.

Request for Protocol Amendment. Use this form to submit an amendment to an already-approved protocol.

Other Resources

Please contact the Animal Facility Manager at or (208) 282-3895 for access to the Animal Care Facility.

Handbook for Use in Animal Facility and Field Studies pdf

Animal Use Occupational Health & Safety Plan pdf