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Animal Research Occupational Health and Safety Plan

Research presents risks for people who may come into contact with either wild or vivarium-housed research animals, while performing work, research or education.

These risks range from exposure to agents used during experiments, to reactions by people to the animals in use, or due to past exposures to chemicals, materials or animals.

The Animal Research Occupational Health and Safety Plan is provided by the IACUC.

Working in accordance with the Plan is required to ensure the your safety and the stability of the lab environments associated with animal research.

The Plan set of documents begins with the Overview and continues through a set of documents to be completed by the PI.

Animal Use Occupational Health and Safety Program (AUOHSP) Overview (9 key concepts) pdf

Occupational Health and Safety Acknowledgement for Work with Animals (all project personnel complete) pdf

AUOHSP Occupational Health Medical Surveillance Questionnaire pdf

For Respirator Use in Animal Facilities see the EH&S Occupational Health and Safety Respiratory Protection page

Occupational Health Initiative Fact Sheets

These readings to let you know which forms you need to complete to satisfy your response to the Plan.