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Idaho State University home

Professional Societies

Society for Freshwater Science

American Fisheries Society

Ecological Society of America

Research Collaborators

Dr. Ben Crosby, Idaho State University

Dr. Wyatt Cross, Montana State University

Dr. Jason Dunham, USGS, Corvallis, OR

Dr. Joe Ebersole, US EPA, Corvallis, OR

Dr. Kurt Fausch, Colorado State University

Joe Giersch, USGS, West Glacier, MT

Dr. Sarah Godsey, Idaho State University

Dr. Robert Hall, University of Wyoming

Dr. Ted Kennedy, USGS Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center

Dr. Kathleen Lohse, Idaho State University

Dr. Donna Lybecker, Idaho State University

Dr. Amy Marcarelli, Michigan Tech University

Dr. Chris Robinson, Swiss Fed. Inst. Envir. Sci. & Tech.(EAWAG/ETH)

Dr. Emma Rosi, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Dr. Amanda Subalusky, Yale University

Dr. Christian Torgersen, USGS & University of Washington

Dr. David Walters, USGS, Fort Collins, CO 

Dr. Mark Wipfli, University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Center for Ecological Research & Education, Idaho State University

Taylor Wilderness Research Station, University of Idaho

USGS, Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center

Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Idaho

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Science, Millbrook, NY

USGS, Forest & Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Fish & Wildlife Department

Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana

Tomakomai Experimental Forest, Hokkaido University

Boise Aquatic Sciences Lab, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USFS

Stroud Water Research Center

Conservation and Education

Portneuf Watershed Information

Freshwaters Illustrated

Pacific Rivers Council

Wild Salmon Center

Data Sources

USDA Forest Service Home Page

USEPA Home Page

USGS Surface Water Data Retrieval Pages

USGS Node of NSDI Clearinghouse